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Interpreting on site or remotely


I was sworn in as an English interpreter in 2019. Since then, I regularly interpret in courtrooms, for the police and the immigration services. I also frequently interpret at notarial and legal firms in Fryslân, Groningen and Drenthe.
In January 2021, I was sworn in as a Frisian interpreter! That means that I can work in the combination Frisian-English too, if desired.

Interpreting on site

I interpret both simultaneously and consecutively and can, if desired, bring along a tourguide set, so that the (English) clients can listen to my interpretation on a headset without disturbing the other attendees. Usually this works in one direction, but with a more extensive conference system, multiple channels can be used. For longer assignments, I prefer to work in pairs with a colleague.

Video, telephone and online interpreting

If on-site interpreting is not an option, interpreting via a medium such as telephone or video/internet is of course also possible. This requires a stable connection and proper testing in advance. Telephone interpreting has the disadvantage that you miss out on the body language, but when talking to a customer abroad, it can be nice to have an interpreter in the conference call, for clarity of communication. It also allows you to type along, meaning that you have everything that is discussed on paper right away!
There are various options and platforms for video and online interpreting. Want to know more? Fill in the contact form or call me on +31 (0)6-12730063.


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